Since 2001 «Vlada-Ltd», one of the largest suppliers of the best equipment and tiles for bathrooms, has been an organizer of the unique project «Vodoparad» that doesn’t have any analogues in Ukraine, the purpose of which is to promote Ukrainian design.

Within the project the exhibitions are held in Kharkov, Ukraine and abroad, Ukrainian designers have trainings in Germany and Italy, meet with the leading designers of the world.

«Vodoparad» has become a special place for communication and exchange of experience as well as a site for creativity and experiment.


In this section you can see the works of "Vodoparad" which were considered to be the best in different nominations for all the years of the project existence. They are the winners in the nominations "Hit", "Art Object", "Choice of the Visitors" and were selected by the jury of experts. These are also the objects which took part in the exhibitions in Kiev, Lvov, Moscow, Milan, Essen and Frankfurt. These works are awarded by the representatives of the leading world manufactures of bathroom equipment, tiles and accessories. In other words you can see all the best that was created by designers and architects for "Vodoparad".

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Дарья Гирская
Пушкинская, 54, салон Favola di oro
Харьков, Украина
Тел.: +38 057 754 59 50
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