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DIMA & MARINA designgroup

Graphic, Video Design & PhotoArt
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Our design-group provides conceptual video design, VFX (computer visual effects), post-production supervising, VFX oriented pre-production, organization of post-production work, consultations, STOP-MOTION production and post (serial photography with a complicated non-linear editing), fine arts and advertizing photography, design of booklets, calendars, posters and so on, photography post-production and visual effects, graphic design, corporate identity, producing and art-directing.


Portfolio is available by request.

Have designed and created many TV heads for Russian and Ukrainian TV channels. Post produced and adapted huge amount of TV commercials for BBDO Moscow, M'cCann

Ericsson, Saatchi&Saatchi, DMB&B, Lowe Adventa and other advertizing

agencies for such a clients like Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Whiskas, Gillette, Indesit,

Kettler, Mars and many others. Designed visual effects for russian and foreign commercials, musical clips. Processed several television

feature-films. Supervised many commercials and several feature films VFX, have created artistic titles for several feature

films and serials. Have designed booklets, posters, banners, billboards, invitations, calendars

and so on for President's Cup of Judo'2003, Racing for President Prize on

Moscow Hippodrome 2004 and 2006, Racing for Agriculture Minister's Prize 2006,

advertising of SUKHOY aircraft company. Designed photo-posters for

companies, sold works to private collections, Published in magazines FHM,

SIM, Drugoy, Medved, Moulin Rouge, Ile de Beaute and others. Participated

in art-books "BodyArt-people in paint", "NUDE - new Russian

photography", books of AQUEDUCTE biennial (Cerdaniola del Valles/Barcelona/Spain),

Organised some personal oil-painting and photo exhibitions, took part in international


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Dmitry Puzyrev
Dezhneva 25
Москва, Россия
Тел.: +7 916 4027244
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