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ice show twizzle
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Today the ICE SHOW "TWIZZLE" has unique synthetic ice at its disposal.
The artists perform on the ice in clubs and restaurants on streets and squares all around Russia. Their creative programme has resonated with the most demanding audience and did not leave neither young children nor the older generation indifferent, and, moreover, managed to win the love and attention of audiences outside of Russia.
Shows on our ice are specially designed for small sites, all rehearsals and performances are held on a stage the size of 6x4 m. Any of our performances or ice tricks can become part of your evening programme or even take up the whole of it. Elegant slip on ice, bright emotions, original costumes combined with flawless choreography and beautiful music - all this is always accompanied by a storm of applause. The most spectacular form of art is now available in the most unexpected places. So why not surprise your guests? We can easily adapt our shows to the customer regardless of whether a holiday is decided to hold on natural or artificial ice, as well as we can offer interesting ideas for leisure. 


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Artem Knyazev
Екатеринбург, Россия
Тел.: +7(963)0385142
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